How to remove pla from bed surface?

How can i remove this pla that got stuck to my bed? I tried already to scrape it off but it didnt work at all

Hi @yuval_tal and welcome to the forums.

Usually you can pick the filament off with your finger, if they doesnt work try printing over the area with a slightly higher than normal nozzle temperature, then peel off the print and the excess PLA should hopefully peel away with the print.

What @Nikoli said and sometimes I very carefully use a sharp knife being careful not to scrape the plate and lift a piece off and then the rest comes off easily…

Maybe change adhesive… Whatever you are using is sticking a little too good… :upside_down_face:

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You might want to access the setting for the bed and set the temperature to 70° then try to scrape it off while it’s hot.
Also you may have the Z offset too low and that would probably spread the first layer out too much.