How to setup fixed IP for ethernet

Hi there,
the printer comes with the possibilty to be used with ethernet instead if WiFi, right?
I can’t find any description how to setup the printer for ethernet use.
The manual even keeps silent about using the RJ45 jack at the back of the printer.
For we don’t have WiFi in the shop, I want to run the printer using a ethernet cable and a fixed IP-adress.
Any hint/how to about the setup is welcome

After you plug into the ports if with the cable and you are using the latest version of Windows then it will automatically be configured in your settings for the printer…

As for a fixed IP I’m not sure about that…

Control Panel / Devices and Printers

Hi Jim,
thanks for the hint.
We run win 10 in the shop, so I have to try.
I don’t like win 11, looks like it protects you against yourself. :wink:
The built in configuration display doesn’t show the possibility using ethernet at all.
Only WiFi is shown.
I’ll try and report.
Bye for now

Once the printer has connected to your network, go to your router and find out what IP it pulled from DHCP. In your DHCP settings on the router, set a reservation for that printer device using that IP address. You can also try to http to the printer’s IP address using a browser. You may find that you can also set a static IP for the printer that way as well.

What printer model do you have?

Hi Tony_A,
sorry for the delay in answering your post and thanks for trying to help me.
First of all: there’s no DHCP running in the network, only fixed IP’s and no WiFi as well.
That’s why I want to give an IP to the printer.

Do you know if there is an IP-Address the device is set to as default?
I guessed it’s like a router or other IP-device, that is given an IP-address by the manufacturer, but I can’t find any sticker or other hint :frowning:

It’s a HALOT-MAGE PRO 10,3" 8K Resin 3D-Printer.

Have a nice start into the new week.

“The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) has reserved for Automatic Private IP Addressing.”

If you don’t have a DHCP server, you will end up with an APIPA address in this range. If the printer doesn’t tell you what address it got, you only have 65,534 addresses to search, good luck. You can configure your computer with and trying pinging to see if you get any responses. Or you could just put a DHCP server on your network.