How to Use Change Print Color Feature on Creality Print

Hi, I’ve seen the advanced feature to Activate the Color Change on the Creality Print Software, Is there a manual out there that shows how to use it?

I tried with the option “Back List” and set the Layer where I want to change the color, but in the GCode I cannot see anywhere the M600 Code to start the procedure. Does somebody knows if that feature actually works?

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I wonder the same because i was printing 2 colour print and when i stopped print the nozzle go to Home position and then came back directly on the print so after changing filament there was nice chunk of filament on my print.

Didn’t work for me either on the K1 Max. Until I figure out a better way I just hit pause where I think the color should change and then switch filaments… Oh well… It works…

I don’t think the stock firmware supporting the M600 / filament change properly. I manually pause and manually pull out and feeding the new filament in and resume the print on my Ender 3 V3 SE. It is pain in the butt but it works.

Currently the color change instruction is not understood by the printer firmware. In later releases of the firmware Creality will likely add in the M600 functionality.

Just as a FYI

Using latest release of Orca Slicer + Firmware 1.0.6 in the 3v3SE works good the filament change from the slicer configuration.

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Good to know. Thanks for sharing :+1:t2:

Worked on my 3v3SE as well. Not 100% intuitive for a beginner (me) but once I did it a few times, it works fine.

I have to type the word pause in the gcode in an editor which works for my K1 Max. This works with gcode created with Creality Print but like mentioned earlier M600 is ignored… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I do it the same way now after reading these posts.

Simply insert the word PAUSE following the line of code for the ;LAYER: you wish to complete with the OLD color. The printer will pause AFTER that layer finishes and allow you to manually change the filament using Retract followed by Extrude commands on the touch screen. When the NEW filament is ready to go and you have manually removed the thin strands of filament from the nozzle during the Retract/Extrude routine, hit HOME and then RESUME. The printer will move to its last location and begin printing with the NEW color.