I hate my new ferret pro

my new ferret pro order number GB00032265 will not and never has connect to my phone. although it does work on my pc .i keep sending mails but not yet replies. every time i try a chat it crashes. please please help me. i think i need to send it for repair/replacement. but i cant find my way round your website. i am 74 and it is screwing with my brain

Hello @roger
Sorry you’re phone is not playing well with the Ferret Pro.
Maybe your phone is not compatible with the Ferret Pro. I have an older S9+ and it won’t work. Just crashes. I can’t find the list but only the newer phones will work…???

What phone do you have…?


it is a pixel 6. listed as compatible

still not working. what i need is to actually talk to somebody or an address and order number to send for repair. to old to use the chat system, my pc keeps losing them and not much help or no reply to email

I´m in same situation, I have a iphone 11 and do not connect by wireless bridge, only in PC with cable! I tried everything, but it is not work! it´s only 6 days that I bought and I cant scan anything with the wirelless bridge