I think they have sent me a dodo

i have been trying to get my new ferret pro working on and off for several weeks. i have tried connecting it to the back of my pd usb3, direct to my phone and via the bridge. always says camera not connected.
should anything light up on the camera to say it has power? because i get nothing. any ideas please before i have to attempt to return it. does anyone know a phone number for uk support plse?

@roger Welcome to the Creality forum. Hopefully someone can help with this.

Make sure windows is giving permission for the camera connection. Some virus security programs have to be set to allow permission for a camera.

@zombies.aaargh was having the same type of problem:

You might already know how to do this but just in case. Go to the settings menu in Windows 10.

Choose Privacy and look for the camera settings in the menu.

Change the camera settings if you need to.

turned off avast on pc and it leapt into life. when i turned avast back on it asked if i wanted ferret let thru and now all ok
many thanks jimandyen
will try av on phone tomorrow

Ha… Glad it’s working for you now. I understand how frustrating that can be.
What kind of things are you scanning…?

@CrealityStore @CREALITY :star_struck: Maybe Creality will add a Scanner section here on the forum…

only scanned an old tape measure so far. muct time wasted trying to get my pixel 6 to connect. if i pull out much more hair i will need to print a wig

There is a list of phones that are compatible. Can’t remember where I saw it at… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The minimum size for that scanner is 150 Centimeters. Anything smaller is a little tricky if possible.

mine is pixel 6. it is on compatible list