Information disclosed about K2 PLUS & CFS from the K2 product team

More info about K2 PLUS & CFS from our product team you’d love to know.

For those who don’t want to watch the whole 10min video, here are the summary below:

  • 350x350x350 print volume

  • Linear Rail on X axis

  • Air conditioning module inside the chamber, heat up to 60 degree and air circulation to cool it down along with air filter

  • Wider hinge for front glass door

  • Megacasting frame

  • CFS(Creality Filament System), 4 rolls each, up to 4 expansions, that is printing with 16 rolls at the same time

  • CFS with Temperature/Humidity control

  • Support Creality RFID filament as well as non-RFID filament(user define right on the display)

  • Up to 350 degree nozzle

  • Up to 120 degree heat bed

  • AC heating heat bed with 800W power for quick heating

  • Support most type of filament(except PEEK or PEI)

  • Dual chamber fan cover the whole bed, much efficient cooling when printing overhangs

  • Dual Z with thick axis

  • Closed loop motor(quieter) with FOC(Field oriented control). Dynamic power, use more power when it need more torque; use lesser power when it don’t need that much torque. Advantage, generate lesser heat.

  • Magnetic extruder kit cover for easy removal

  • Longer hotend to catch up with the flow rate when printing high speed

  • Hardened steel extruder gears

  • CFS use 485 communication protocol, no external power need, all 4 CFS(around 10w each) can draw power from the machine

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@Optimus wow, thank you for the updates

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What I most want to try is to connect four CFS systems and print 16-colour filaments at one time. :grinning:

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What is the outside dimensions of this printer? Had somebody ask as they are remodelling their office in readiness.

The K2 Plus outside dimensions are:

495 mm x 515 mm x 640 mm
19.48" x 20.7" x 25.1"

The CFS box is:

379 mm x 343 mm x 274 mm
14.9" x 13.5" x 10.78"

Cheers I shall pass that on forthwith.

I saw that. :+1: You’re Welcome… :grin:

Cross pollination works wonders.

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