Is this a 3D ender retraction problem

I printed a contrabass clarinet mouthpiece. Not bad for a Creality 3D ender with a 0.6mm nozzle, but there is a strange pattern at the tip that is not in the design? In Cura slicer it looks good. What can be the cause, the retraction process?
Kind regards, Johan J.,

hi @JJonker and welcome to the forums!

Looking at the design it looks like there is a small slant on either side of that part of the model, to make that slant print cleaner you could either use a smaller nozzle so that the line widths are smaller and therefore tighter together or you could try lowering your layer heights so that the printer can build up that area in smaller layers at a time which should offer a cleaner finish.

Hi Nikoli, thanks for reacting. this is printed with 0.08mm layer height. But I could give a try to using 0.4 nozzle. On other printers (Bambulan PS1) it looks perfect with 0.4.

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You’re welcome @JJonker :slight_smile:

Yep I would definitely try reducing the nozzle size to 0.4 as it should give you a lot finer detail and cleaner overall print as the line widths will be smaller and therefore tighter :slight_smile: