issue with bidirectional engravings

I have the CR-10 and am experiencing an issue with bidirectional engravings. The start end and mid points are significantly offset. I managed to address this using “Lightburn” through the Scan Offset option. However, I believe this should work correctly from the factory. Do you need additional information? How can I resolve this issue without adjusting the offset for all speeds?

Hi there.
Do you mean you got your CR-10 with a Laser unit?
I did that when I ordered my CR-10s a couple years ago, and never got really far with it. I never succeeded in doing something decent with it. Laser is almost impossible to adjust properly as it’s held by magnets on the side of the printhead.

yes, i orderd this product:

OK - I get it.
Falcon CR - 10w. Sorry - there was also a 3d Printer called CR-10. That’s what I got confused with.

Could you please give more details about your issue? I don’t quite understand what you mean - sorry.