Issue with first layer

My printer worked fine for the past year and then it had a small clog inside so I had to take it apart to get the little piece of filament stuck out. Now I keep getting an issue on the first layer.
I adjusted the flow to 105% and leveled the bed multiple times. It doesnt seem to be a leveling issue. I cleaned the bed and added hairspray for extra hold but that didnt help much. I even changed the first layer pattern and reduced the speed but I keep getting this problem (see pics).
the issue mainly arises with layer infill and not with the walls.

Hi! Welcome to the forum. You are not providing much information regarding your issue aside only a bad adhesion in your bed but I will suggest to check the following:

  • Nozzle Height: Even if the bed is level, the nozzle might be too high or too low. Make sure that the nozzle is at the right height from the bed. A paper test (sliding a piece of paper between the nozzle and bed, feeling for a slight resistance) is a good way to manually check this.
  • Nozzle and Bed Temperature: Check if your nozzle and bed temperatures are appropriate for the material you are using. Sometimes increasing the bed temperature can improve first layer adhesion.
  • Print Surface: If hairspray is not working, you might want to try different adhesion methods like glue stick, blue painter’s tape, or a different print surface like PEI.
  • Z-offset Adjustment: If your printer has a Z-offset setting, adjust it slightly closer to the bed. This can help the first layer to stick better.
  • Check the Bed Surface: Make sure there are no oils or residues. Even fingerprints can cause adhesion issues. Clean it with isopropyl alcohol or give it a good wash with a good dish soap.
  • Inspect the Nozzle: Make sure that there is no residual material on the outside of the nozzle that could be dragging or causing issues.
  • Filament Quality: Ensure that the filament is not moist or damaged. Sometimes, poor quality or old filament can cause printing issues.

Hope these tips could lead you to solve your issue. Let us know if you fixed it! Good luck.

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