Issue with GiantArm TPU

I am using default TPU settings in the program and it seems to feed for a little while and then it quits feeding. I might try a lower temp as it seems to want to print at the high end. When I remove the filament it looks like the drive gears wear it and lose grip
No issues at all with PLA

TPU I have found that retraction distance should be about 0.8 and also change the retraction number to less than 100, i use 20

It was something different, I happened to look at the settings at it was trying to print at 300mm/s, so I changed it to 30mm/s and it is doing much better. Not sure why the Creality program would try to print generic TPU that fast, even their high speed TPU is rated far less, might be 120mm/s.
I did include your settings too, thanks
I changed the temp back to 230 and have got farther than before, have my fingers crossed

300 even high speed PLA struggles at that speed. Printed some TPU yesterday, I think I was running it a little hot as it was stringing badly. Prints were saveable though. Might try lowering the speed next time.

I think the biggest improvement I did was drop the model cooling to 55% as that is when it would complete a print and I am not sure if 100% cooling would cause the TPU to clog the tip. I am trying to print a funnel now at 205 and see how things go. At least I can complete a print now
Back to 220 for temp as it clogged again at the cooling speed