Joined so I can say hello and ask questions

This is my first 3d Printer (Ender-3 V3)and am enjoying it alot. So far I’ve used PLA, PETG and ASA. ASA took a little work, but now I have new center caps & lugnut covers on my car. The 13 minute benchy with Rapid PETG turned out as good as the PLA version.

I’ll have some quetions in the near future.

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Hello @framednlv …! :wave:

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I’m sure any questions you have can be answered by our members here.

You have the Ender-3 V3 ? Great printer. I have one also… :+1:

Welcome framednlv. I have 3 Ender printers, but not the 3V3 yet. What I have found with PETG is that different brands give very different results. I have tried Sunlu PETG and it can be very stringy. So far the best I have used is Pinuotu filament, practically no strings even on year old filament, well that is on my 3V3KE will be trying it on my 3V3SE and Ender 5+ next few days.

Welcome @framednlv :slight_smile:

Hope you find all your answers here .

thanks for sharing your experience with your new printer.