July【Show off your Prints】

Welcome to the July showcase space! Feel free to share your model creations with the community by replying to this post.

We’ll select a lucky participant by draw live in the “Zora’s Livestream” to receive a free prize.

The deadline for submissions is 7/31, 23:59 UTC, and we’ll announce the winners on the third working day of the following month.

Good luck!

The showcase event has restarted in July. Welcome both new and old friends to actively participate!

I was finally able to complete my 3D design and print it on the K1C in a reasonable time and nice quality. Art trophy (gift) created by me in 3D modeling software. :smile:

Layer 0.12 mm. Used Clearity Hyper PLA in white color. Sprayed gray primer and painted with acrylic paints with glossy effect. :+1:



Boys and their dog.


Made this for riley over on discord :slight_smile:

will print this out with multi material when i get the chance

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