K1 £500 paperweight, Creality Support does it even exist?

Having emailed a dozen misc errors to support, Interna Error, Unknown Exceptions, E004 key 2507, E500 key 2111, key 2060 etc etc provided video, photo’s & details at least 4 times.

Waited for online chat with representative for hours on several occasions, a printer for 10 days that would print 10% of the time, errors like crazy and they occured by just touching touch screen to print Creality Test pieces Benchy etc or just extruding ot retracting to load & unload filament.

My opinion of company and its Rude employees who after waiting 2-3 hours to speak to in chat, left 20-30 minutes to respond to my answers, and insisted despite being housebound it is my responsibilty to carry a 20kg K1 to the post office a mile away.

My opinion of Creality stay clear, which I will voice to everyone I know, fortunately my nieces boyfreind is a significanr 3d printing influencer, after advising me personally to buy is going to expose my case in all its detail.

Even the store UK email address fails to respond, once they took my money all they have done is spammed me trying to sell me more, a claim made with card provider to ensure my refund as Creality not answering request for RMA.

Even with that refund I will be £100’s out of pocket and the owner of print beds, AI Camera, Ceramic Hot ends & Nozzles for a printer I will not have and a company I will never deal with again!

If you have a bad machine terms and conditions mean if they fob you off or keep you waiting 15days they so not have to replace that machine,

Terms and Conditions:
Enclosed machine return and replacement of faulty machine onlly available for 15 days.

Do not be fobbed off waiting for response from Creality, you will be stuck with a paperweight, I am reliably informed company policy!

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Talk to me my brother! I have had so many issues, I’m happy to help out! It took a bit, but a new mobo was what it needed, and I did get one. Along with a build plate and hot end w/extruder.

I didn’t realize I had that kind of patience, but the turnaround time via email was around 72 hrs. each time. So I just kept messing around w stuff and reading, watching my prints spaghettify.

It’s worth it now, less hassle and a printer that whoops ass.

About an hour ago, a firmware update has been pushed that enables setting the root password https://github.com/CrealityOfficial/K1_Series_Annex/blob/main/root%20tutorial/K1%20Series%20root%20tutorial.pdf

Files, instructions, and recovery :slight_smile:

Hope it helps you out!

I am waiting for Creality to provide a shipping label, in the meantime a recharde has been issued with my card provider, Bambu P1S not an option I do sensitive work and they download all CAD and Timelapse etc which is kept for them to use as they want. No business should ever use a Bambu.

I am an IT consultant both hardware and software, Mainframes Unix Boxes & PC Networks & supplier of Bespoke CNC solutions, I am recovering from Cancer an purchased a 3d printer for first time to save myself some exertion.

The ignorance and rudeness of Creality staff has been unbelieveable, I will never deal with them again and will advise my customer base to do the same.

My problem is similar to one you describe from 1st contact I have told them failure are random and varied, occasionally worked not finished the free 250g spool in a week, Motherboard, CAN bus or EMI is the fault 1000%.

But ther supposed Engineers will not respond to anyone that knows what they are talking about so standard supply photo video details again all I have received.

I’m very sorry for the bad shopping experience.

I have been actively working on feedback for your issue.

Ask for collin if you have any problems.

Thanks for the offer Colin after more than a week I have asked for a return, but in chat that took me 2-3 hours queueing t get into, I was left several times for 20-30m without warning, I ended up with this response.

She would ask for return label to be emailed, would a replacement be sent ? No

I was spoken to rudely, left without definite answer so have had to file reclaim with card provider in case.

I am awaiting an email with return lablel, and a decision if they will collect, a 20kg package with cancer surgery I can barely lift let alone carry miles as I was first told I must do.

If you have any influence my order number is GB00029155, as for a replacement after the experience I have acquired other hardware elsewhere, building my own as I should have in the first place, 4 colour, 400mm cubed printspace, octopus pro auti level Klipper, fully enclosed Case for less than £200 using many parts in my workshop.

Paying for convenience of not exerting myself while recovering was a mistake dealing with Creality the largest mistake, thanks again for the offer a label and details of collection would be very much appreciated.

Regards Louis

Update customer service does exhist it is never going to be quick, but my advice if like me you are someone that reads forums for tech advice etc but do not have time to interact.

Join the forum and ask, it may not get you the answer but some decent moderators on here who will try to help, in my case I got answers in a couple of hours that had evaded me for a long week spending hours waiting to chat with a human, and numerous emails that get lost.

Creality has only one customer service email address, I think the moderators have ability to direct message people that can help, so ask here instead of banging your head against a wall for a week!

Great printer when it worked unfortunately I got the dud…

“No business should ever use a Bambu”
From a company that abuses Open Source, who would have guessed… A china based company using China based controls.

Could it be possible that China does not like us?

Same issues here - from the beginning only problems with filament stuck in the extruder, hotend (inside blue tube), nozzle - ONLY using original CR-SILK filament from creality. Support IS NOT RESPONDING AT ALL…


Support teams are currently backlogged with support requests. They are attempting to clear the backlog as fast as possible so please bear with them, they will get back to you. It is often faster to contact them via the Creality Cloud app live chat or via the Facebook support pages. Email will always be the slowest route for contact.

Thank you for the reply. I’ve found my lack of expectance causing most of my issues, not understanding slicers to figuring out filament temperatures, I think it is called ‘Learning Curve’, the printer appears to be working fine.

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