K1: Delete more than one file at a time?

I am accumulating a fair number of g-code files on the machine. Many are experiments or tests as I learn and I want to delete them to avoid clutter.

I figured out how to delete one file at a time, but not select a bunch of them and delete them. This is easy to do in the “History” tab. Is this feature missing from the interface?


As far as I know currently you can only remove one file at a time, its possible that in later firmware updates they may introduce a feature for you to delete more than one at a time.

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Not sure if this is helpful to your question about deleting multiple files at once. On the K1 Max (should be similar interface) screen you can select on the screen menu the folder icon / local and then “long press” on one of the file icons.

After you do that a menu will pop up and each icon will have a small circle in it to select as many as you want to delete…

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That would be a lot faster, but it is a pity it cannot be done through the web interface.

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Nice tip Jim! I had never actually attempted to manipulate files via the touch screen so wasn’t aware of this feature :slight_smile: thanks for sharing!