K1 Hotend Version Correct!

Hello, i had a problem with my hotend and i needed to change. However when a hotend that i bought is different from mine, and all of hotend that i found on internet that says compatible is the same of the hotend that i bought, i dont find anyone like the mine.

The hotend original is this:

With noozle and throat attatched and the external width of 4.8mm and the heat sink has 4.8mm on hole.

The New Hotend is this:

these have the noozle and de throat separated, and the external widht of throat is 5.9mm witch is larger than the heat sink hole.

Box with information about Hotend Replace

My questions is:

  1. What is the correct hotend for Creality K1?
  2. If has difernt versions, there is a name/serial number for that?
  3. Shoul i change the heat sink too? if yes, what is the model/part number of it?

Your original hotend is the new ‘unicorn’ 1 piece nozzle. What you bought is the first hotend they used in the K Series printers. You need a 1 peice hotend replacement, like: https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/_DEWMMUr (aff link)

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Thank you, you helped me a lot, I’m going to buy the nozzle you recommended

By any chance do you know the size of the screws and thread pitch for the hot end installation. The two screws that mount the hot end through the heath sink. One of mine is stripped and I can not find any info on them.

Creality service techs replied to my request for info. For anyone curious The two screws that fix the hotend are: Hexagon socket head screw_GBT70.1_M2×22_40CR_black_4.8