K1 incorrect printed geometry

Hi everyone!
I have quality problems in my printed pieces. I am printing a puzzle which has small pieces (about 3milimetres) and the machine doesn’t follow the correct path, causing an incorrect geometry.

As you can see the triangle isn’t perfect so the resulted piece doesn’t fit correctly in the puzzle. You can compare the k1 pieces with other machine pieces.
I don’t know if it is a firmware or hardware problem. Maybe adjusting some srcew or sensor will help but I feel lost about this machine.
All pieces are printed at same speed and material.
Do anyone know about manual adjustment k1 or have the same problem?
Thanks in advance.

Hi @sergiok and welcome to the forums.

At first glance it looks like you may be printing them slightly too fast. I can see slightly rounded/bulging corners. Try running the print at a lower speed and see if the quality improves, its always best to print small objects slow.

Hello @Nikoli, thanks for your reply.
This was my first thought but it doesn’t solve the problem. The triangles are rounded by default to improve the attach.

Here is the original geometry.
The problem is the triangle form. As you can see K1 printer doesn’t create a perfect triangle, it looks like a “P”.
I want to create a printed piece similar to the Artillery one.
All pieces are printed at same speed and material.

Here are the bulging corners that I am referring to…

These imperfections on corners are generally a result of printing too fast or the printer over-extruding. I would recommend running some calibration tests to ensure your machine is extruding the correct amount of filament and I would also recommend lowering your print speed to ensure the corners do not end up bulging so much.

Here is the Creality Calibration guide:
Creality Print Calibration Tutorial

Thanks @Nikoli, I am going to follow the tutorial. I hope to correct the problem. I keep you informed.

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Hello everyone!
I have founded that the axis are wrong or something related with this. While I was fixing material settings I realised that machine is not working correctly in some directions.

Here there is an image where you can see the distortion.
I followed @Nikoli calibration guide but problems still happen.

I would recommend contacting support as I feel that this may be a fault with the printer that might not be possible to rectify by the community.

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