K1 / K1 Max Upgraded Extruder

Just noticed on Amazon that the upgraded K1 / K1 Max Extruder with motor is available now in the Creality Store.
For awhile it’s been hard to find this one. One of the biggest improvements is the tension spring on the inside that hold the gears against the filament better. Also the filament tube connects better without a clip and keeps the gear locking lever from moving around. I always had a problem with that on the other version.
I think I’ll buy a spare… :star_struck:

:arrow_right: K1 / K1 Max Extruder

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Hi Jimandyen

Question is are we allowed to fit the new extruder ourselves if the printer is under warranty.

You are free to modify your printer but support will only warranty the parts that were on the printer when you bought it. Best bet is to carry on as you are, if you encounter issues with your extruder then contact support for a replacement as then it will remain under their warranty.

I received one through a warranty replacement and replacing the part yourself doesn’t void the warranty as it’s a part made by Creality as I was told by support. That extruder on Amazon is sold by the Creality Store and is a upgraded version to be replaced by the user and doesn’t void the warranty as long as you follow the online video instructions for replacing extruder parts:

Extruder Upgrade