K1 Max and print bed glue

Hi all,

Just got my K1 Max today, and have printed a couple of things now and am impressed by the speeed / quality. I can print a part quicker on the K1 max at 0.2mm than I could a t 0.35 on my old (Dremel) machine.

One question I have about the print bed is that like the Dremel the K1 needs glue on the printbed for adhesion. The manual mentions this, what it doesn’t however say is how much coverage and how often I need to reapply?



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Using PLA and a textured build plate:
Lot of variables here but basically you shouldn’t need glue as long as the build plate is clean with IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol and good dish soap)

Try keeping the plate clean and the heated bed (60°C) will help hold the model in place. As soon as the plate cools off the model just slides off…
I’ve noticed some printers have uneven heating on the plates so that could cause a problem.
Keeping the nozzle where it should above the plate (Z axis) will help push the gooey plastic down where it will stick better also…

Glue can be used if nothing else works…

If you have a store called Tesco they have a home office glue stick that is cheap and super tacky. I do admit to using it even though the bed is dialled in, belts and braces for really big that I can’t afford to lose. Easily washable too.

I’ve been using the supplied glue stick (yellow tube) on mine.
Depending on what I’m printing and how much of the build plate I’m using governs how much area I cover, I usually do a simple zig zag pattern (like a printer’s first layer) with gentle pressure to leave a very thin even coat without overlapping.
I usually get a few prints before needing to clean and reapply but If I’m doing anything that is likely to have adhesion issues I’ll clean and reapply between every batch.
Cleaning wise, I clean the build plate with glass cleaner and a paper towel to remove any old glue.

Edit to add: I usually run the plate at 45C for PLA