K1 Max Back Fan Wont Turn Off

Back fan wont turn off when printing with “Enable Chamber Cooling Fan” turned off in Creality Print under “Cooling” settings. There is a ‘M106 P1 S0’ in the G-Code which I understand should turn the fan to 0.

Under the fan control on the touchscreen on the printer it says fan is 0% but it is running full speed. Only way to turn it off is to set fan to anything other than 0% on the slider bar, lets say 30%, the fan drops in speed to 30% then when you change it back to 0% it turns off.

Presume it must be a bug in the firmware.

How do I get this fixed?

Hi @spamsandwich and welcome to the forums.

I would recommend installing OrcaSlicer and seeing if the issue persists. This sounds like it could be a slicer issue rather than a firmware issue.

@Nikoli Thanks. I have started using OrcaSlicer and will continue testing. However, I have noticed another problem. The machine is no longer auto leveling with each print. Have all the calibration options turned on for both the printer and slicer including OrcaSlicer and Creality print but the printer is no longer auto leveling with each print just probes the corners, does the flow tests, and scans the first layer but not probing the mesh grid. Have they changed this in a recent update?

Hi @spamsandwich you’re welcome. OrcaSlicer does not ask the printer to re-mesh the bed on every print instead what it does it loads the existing mesh from the printer, checks the four corners and then tilts the mesh if required to match the angle of your bed. Usually probing the entire bed on every print is unneeded due to the bed being unable to change angle much as the lead screws that control the bed height are all in sync.

There is a mod you can do that will ask the printer to probe the area only where the print is going to be which is quite useful but unless your having first layer/bed adhesion issues you should be fine without it.

Detect another issue with OrcaSlicer and Creality firmware and back fan.
After update to (latest) back fan does not turned on.
The same g-code at the same machine with works well and fan turned on.
Even manual changing fan speed during print process does not solve the problem, fan does not turned on.
When print is not in progress - back fan controls as expected

Whenever updating the firmware it is always advised to do a factory reset as changes may have been made to some of the configuration files which need to be flushed once updated. I am using the latest firmware and have no issues controlling the rear fan.