K1 Max bed plate damaged at second print

After I received my K1 Max
I followed all instructions to firmware update and to adjust the bed level.

When I tried my first print (a small Benchie) I did not have any problems.
When I tried to print a bigger size model I designed
what happened is that the machine doing the self inspection damaged in heavy way the bed plate, the nozzle scratched it badly.
I used the machine only 2 times.
I wrote an email to Creality service ( it was during the Chinese new years’ Eve).
They answered saying that will provide with a new bed plate soon,
But I never got an answer back.

Sorry this happened.
I would try to resend the email as it was sent on the holidays and it got very busy during the end of holiday.
Make sure you can send a video if you can. (A YouTube link works.)
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