K1 Max/Creality Print Supports difficult to remove. Switch to Cura?

I have a K1 Max purchased 09/2023 and am using Creality Print (V4.3.7.66199), but when I print anything requiring supports they are extremely difficult to remove no matter what settings I try. The parts are basically unusable. Any work arounds for this?

I have tried to use Cura Ultimaker, but the K1 Max isn’t available as a pre-loaded option and I’m not sure what the Start and End G-code settings should be.

Any help would be appreciated.

I have used this setting and the supports are easier to remove.

That setting where the arrow is pointing…Change that a small amount each time depending on what you are printing and see what the slicer picture show. You can change it for example from 84.2 or 84.3 and you’ll see changes. The higher the number the less supports you will get on that setting. It depends on what you are printing though…
Hopefully that’s helpful a little…??

I have tried adjusting this angle without much luck. It will create fewer supports, but am getting a “Support Roof” even when I turn that option off, that connects whatever supports are created firmly to the model.

So even with this setting and then saved it still doesn’t work.? Hmmm. This is above my pay grade…

Auto print support has no preview editing function, manual print support can be deleted and edited.Creality Print is developing support for smudge function.

You can refer to the adaptation tutorial for cura and prusa on Creality WIKI


Going back to the default settings and then turning off support “roof” as you suggested seems to have solved the support attachment issue at least on my first test. Thank you @jimandyen.

Looking forward to being able to block out supports on Creality Print. I will try the cura set up as well. Thanks @Collin.