K1 Max Extruder Filament Lock


So I'm two hours into a large 30 hour print and I noticed the small lever on top of the extruder (See Pic) had worked it's way about halfway over to the unlocked position. I paused it and locked it back. About ten minutes later it did it again. This will cause it to under extrude if it's not all the way in the locked position. I come back 30 minutes later. Same thing.


Anyone have this experience?

Nope. But I had read about it before so I zip-tied mine locked, I have lots of small zip ties. Have you taken the extruder apart to see how the mechanism works? I did post some pics of a disassembled one if that saves you some time and energy!

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That’s a great idea using zip ties. I’ll have to figure out the best way to fasten them on. Looks like that will work. Thank you for that…!!

I need to figure out why that happens.

Got the new updated extruder mechanism from Creality finally. It looks like there is a spring mechanism inside pushing the two gears together. I’ts pretty small and I can’t see really good close up to tell… :face_with_monocle:
Maybe won’t have to put the zip tie on any more… :slight_smile:

I just came across this: Extruder lock.

Hey thanks. I downloaded it and will check it out next chance I get. You know the latest extruder Creality sent me in the Power Boost kit has a different setup for the filament and it doesn’t unlock the extruder any more. Works pretty good. Doesn’t have that little blue locking tab.

I have a K1 Max, how do I go about getting the newer mechanism? I certainly don’t want failures on larger long (time) prints!

I don’t see the updated extruder listed in their store. Someone mentioned it was “Out of Stock”

Maybe send out some emails to:



Send a message in the forum to:



If you search on Ebay or other after market sellers be careful as you might not be buying the newest upgraded version… :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

In the meantime the “ziptie” method that @Zerquetch mentioned did work. Just be careful going around the small extruder motor wires…

Geez, I’d love to get one of those! How come I find out about this stuff too late?