K1 Max Extruder/Heater/Blocked?

I have an almost new K1 Max I bought just before Christmas. I love the machine but today it suddenly could not produce a print past the first layer. I tried all sorts of suggestions but eventually came across a recommendation to clean the throat and nozzle from this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6BkPz5lPr8M

It was hard to get the needle through the first time but I managed. I tried to manually feed filament but it would not go through. I removed the nozzle and tried to run the needle through but nothing happened - basically the needle stops before getting through the heater from either end. I am virtually certain the temperature was right (I even raised it to 250) but no luck.

I can’t imagine why the heater would be blocked but it seems that is the case. Are there any suggestions as to how to fix this?


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The last time my extruder was blocked I pulled it out and took it apart to find a small piece of filament stuck in the gears. This blocked any filament from getting to the nozzle…(K1 and K1 Max same)
Learn how to take the extruder out and clean it here:

1.) Official Creality Tutorial

Another version:

2.) Taking the K1 K1 Max Extruder apart

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Thank you for the reply and suggestion. I did, in fact, take the extruder apart following that video. It appears the blockage is below the extruder. Most likely I will remove the heater tomorrow (I ordered a new one) and see if I can figure out if that is blocked.

You can also heat up the needle tool and try to push it through. Sometimes that works…

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I think I will give that a try!

In case anybody has a similar issue, I removed the extruder drive and heater today. I was able to clear both but there was still an unseen “lip” inside the remaining assembly which was catching the PLA.

I don’t have a parts diagram but there is a blue plastic tube and there was something stuck inside there. I managed to find a 0.70" (about 1.8mm) drill and, using a pin chuck, rotated the drill until I grabbed a tiny piece of filament material. It had found itself inside there and likely was far enough from the heater that it did not melt off.

Once that was removed, everything cleared up.

HI - I have this issue like almost every day of printing using the original PLA CR-Silk materials from Creality :frowning: The blue tube is always blocked by filament.


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Reduce the temperature that your are retracting the filament, sounds like you are heating up far too hot and the filament is oozing. Reducing the temperature will prevent this.

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For what it is worth, 1.75mm drills and pin collets are really cheap

What temps are you using…?


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I don’t know if this is at me or the other person but for PLA 60/220/room temperature.

Jim’s reply was to misiekmgo as indicated by the reply symbol in the corner of the post :slight_smile:

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It is:
Chmaber 0
Bed 60
Nozzle 220


Reason I was asking about the temps is that if the chamber temp with PLA in my experience gets too high the PLA will get too soft and not be able to extrude correctly and start clogging up the works. Mine got up to 36°C. The room got kind of warm also that day. That’s just my learning experience so I know now to keep the cover off. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well room temperature in my house is about 23 degrees celcius, so should i take the top cover off?

No that should not be a problem. I think on the covers it states you only really need to remove if the room temp is over 30°C

Also there is a second problem. The filament inside the blue ptfe tube between the extruder and the hotend melts and then solidifies, completely blocking it. First time io drilled the tube and put it back in, but now after the second treatment it is unusable. Do you have any recommendations for a replacement (or tips on how to choose it)?

Important to note these issues only occur while using original creality CR-series filaments. 3rd party ones and the hyper sires print perfectly.

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I would strongly suggest dropping your temperature to 180 when retracting the filament out of the machine, this should prevent the filament getting too gooey and sticking to the PTFE tube. If you need to replace the tube you should be able to replace it with some Capricorn tuning that is readily available online and usually also available from the creality store. It will just be a case of cutting a piece the same size as the one in the hotend and swapping them out.

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