K1 Max Firmware update after Rooting

So I have just bought my first 3d printer and it was a K1 Max. I was thinking about rooting the printer but I was interested to know if you root and install mainsail or fluid and then when the next firmware update comes out then installed. Does it change, remove or delete anything you have done in the past? Or do you have to root it all over again?

There is a install script available that gives you about 20 options to install. * Guilouz/

  • Creality-Helper-Script
    This is the best option unless you are a Python/Linux/Klipper guru (in which case I’d love to buy you a coffee and BS for a spell) and you can even have a custom screen on the K1M.
    Fluidd and Mainsail offer a different experience to managing the printer, but you didn’t buy it just to mod it, or did you?
    Set it up, print some things. See if those things are acceptable (I bet that coffee that they are fantastic prints) if not check some settings.
    I offer a lot of advice on that printer and I have rooted it, restored it to original, back andb forth, but I also Factory Reset it 1-2x a week, printing dependant, because it prints very, very well!
    Some growing pains, to be sure (!), but I’ve never gotten prints better after spending countless hours rooting, tweaking, re-tweaking, a bit of swearing (because I had to learn Python, Linux, and Klipper), and more tweaking.
    This beast handles all filaments well.
    Mod#1 Fan on extruder- haven’t had a clog since- found on printables
    Cheers and happy printing!