K1 Max First Layer

Hi All,
First I want to say that this printer is Awesome! I get very very good prints.
I am trying to better the “first Print Layer” , the first layer is very course and has stripes, after the first layer everything smooths out and starts looking good and every layer from their on is good.
Anyone out there have good luck with first layers? I keep changing settings but
cannot figure it out.
I am using the Creality Slicer

Filament = Inland High Speed PLA (MicroCenter)

Initial Layer Height = 0.20
Initial layer Print Speed = 70
Initial Layer Travel Speed = 150
Print Temp = 225
Build Plate Temp Initial = 60
Build Plate Temp = 60


Hello @wonder and Welcome to the Creality Forum Creality

I have the K1 Max and it’s working very well for me also.
Yesterday there was a firmware update and you can now change the Z Offset while it is printing that first layer…

I use Creality Print.
In the printer screen go to Settings / System / Expert Mode / Z Offset.
It sounds like you could move the nozzle a little closer to squash the filament a little more so it won’t show “stripes” as much.

For my use Creality Print works just fine. If you use it check this box so the printer will automatically adjust for bed leveling.

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Thank You for your reply,

Would the Initial layer height be the same as changing the Z Offset or is this completely different?

The reason I am asking is that the printer is not connected to my desktop windows 7 computer, (my desktop does not have a wireless connection to devices) I load the programs with a thumb drive.

Do you think I could connect my desktop to the printer by using a cable with Ethernet connection on one end (plugged into K1 Max printer) and USB connection on other end ( connected to my desktop) to recognize the K1 Max Printer?
This is what I do to connect to my Canon common paper-scanner printer.
I wanted to ask before trying this just to make sure I don’t fry some wires somewhere.


If you are seeing gaps in your first layer then you need to usually lower the z offset, if you find that there are ridges or sharp pitches then you usually need to raise the nozzle slightly. You may find that an adjustment of 0.05 would be enough for your first layers to become cleaner.

The Z offset is the distance between the nozzle and the bed rather than a layer height setting.

The K1 Max has an ethernet port so you can connect it directly to the PC and it will recognize it. Unless of course a firewall or software gets in the way… I tested mine and it works fine…

You won’t need a USB cord. That port is for the flash or thumb drives.