K1 max fuzzy printing, spotty filament extrusion

I’m at a loss. I recently got a k1max and successfully printed a handful of items. I tried a different filament and everything went to heck.

I’ve since gone back to filament that previously worked, factory reset the printer, upgraded the software, and removed and returned the nozzle.

What next?

Examples of prints that were the same before and after all of the resets.

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What I think might be happening assuming you have a good dry roll of filament is the nozzle is too close to the bed scraping the filament off.

Do you know how to change the Z offset on the printer…? Or in the slicer…?
What are your temps and slicer…?
What software did you upgrade…??

I use Creality Print 4.3.8

Using, was using 4.something earlier today.

I can see the z offset in the saw and on the screen. I haven’t changed it yet though as I have another clog in the extruder. I feel this is definitely part of the problem as I had to work very hard to get the poking stick to glide smoothly and had a difficult time getting the filament to line up all the way through so it would print.

What would cause the z offfset to need to be changed?

I was using 220 I believe on my sample prints, whatever the default was.

Hard to say but nozzle changes, new build plates, resets, calibration, machine attitude or any kind of change…?

You can actually run both slicer versions on the PC. I’m doing that until I learn how to better appreciate :upside_down_face: the changes in 5.0.

No changes to anything initially. I printed half a box and the top just kind of flaked off. I then tried to clear the filament pathway and discovered that it was very tight at the extruder. I got it cleared and got a successful test print. Ow I can’t get the extruder path cleared :frowning:

Pics are of flaking box, several attempts to restart, successful test print.

A couple of upgrades if they are in your budget are the Micro Swiss Flowtech Hotend and a PEI bed sheet off Amazon. They helps us a ton with clogs, poor extrusion and adhesion issues. Honestly before getting the hot end, I was SOOOO close to returning the printer. Fail after fail, clog after clog. Since adding these two items, we have had much success.

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