K1 Max internal camera setting (or lack thereof)

Not critical, but just curious. Is there a way to adjust the camera in the K1 max?
Specifically, brightness and contrast. (that is, turn off the AGC and set manually)

When printing with black (PLA, ABS, PETG) it’s difficult to see the print on camera.
Light on or off makes little difference.

Dan Sokol

Nope. Even when using Fluuid (there are a few good camera control plugins), most of the options for the camera fail.
You can always put in a web cam that you CAN adjust though…


I´ve put a light from above to brighten the whole building plate, isn´t ideal but at least you´ll see things better, light is a very big issue in this k1 max, wouldn´t have costed the world to put in another led stripe or two?

Interesting idea. I may try that!