K1 Max Issue. Digging into build plate... :(

I have a new K1 Max with less than 20 hours on it and for the most part it is doing great with a few adjustments here and there. I don’t always run the calibration for each print but maybe every third or fourth one. Anyways this evening just as the machine was going through its moves before a print it tried to grind a hole into the center of the build plate and then just set there. I quickly rebooted it (turned it off and then back on) and did a self check which it did without any issues… Very scary… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Has anyone else experienced this on the K1 Max ? I had a K1 which it happened once in awhile also…

@Collin Is this something I need to get checked out as far as my warranty is concerned as it might be a sign of other problems…?

I have a few scars on my build plate from that too. Quite a random, but scary event. Creality CS sent out a new build plate on top of the other replacement parts.
When the “bad one” on my plate happened, it was just grinding in one spot during a print. The 2nd & 3rd were also during a print.
So now, thanks to your info, it’s good to know it can happen any time the unit is moving :grimacing:
But def contact CS, seems avg response time is +/- 72 Hrs

I wonder if it has anything to do with the Lidar calibration. In order to replace the damaged nozzle I had to remove the Lidar. I’m just leaving it off for now and turning off the AI.
I just got a nice new textured build plate yesterday. Afraid to use it now after what the nozzle did.

Across the bottom edge of the factory build plate was a slight burr that scratched the heat surface pretty bad whenever I slid it into place. I had to file and sand that edge so now it goes in pretty smooth with no scratching…

Yup, I found that unburred edge when I unboxed. Did the same as you to smooth it out. I did find quite a few rough edges that needed some TLC with a dremmel, lol