K1 Max making noise

Hi, could anyone help me please with the reason my K1 MAX is making this noise. It happens when I try to extrude and when it prints it lays down filament which just turns to dust. I have changed the nozzle recently and before this I was constantly getting filament run out warnings.

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Your video didn’t come through but I would suspect you need to get a fresh roll of new filament and see how that works…

Hi Jim, I have changed filament a couple of times with no effect. I can play the video on my pc so don’t know what’s wrong there. I’ll try again.

Hopefully it works now.

That sound is the extruder gears having a really hard time pushing the filament through the nozzle.

You’ll have to go through and take the extruder apart to see what is in there causing it…

Extruder disassembly video by Creality

Extruder Disassembly-1

Nozzle parts Replace

Jim, thank you once again for your helpful answer, It’s much appreciated. Now I have to wait until I can find someone who can dismantle the extruder for me. I have neuropathy in my hands which makes it difficult to work with things like that.

try simply unclog first (tool included in box)
then when you extrude filament get temperature higher ( 10° more than material )

Finally managed to dismantle extruder. All ok in there, the gears are free and clean. Problem is in the part in the attached photo, it is solid and I can’t remove the blockage.

Thanks for the reply. How do I change nozzle temperature.

on the slicer, for example if you print PLA at 220° try 230° . every material/filament has his own melting temperature