K1 Max missing hold down bed screws on NEW delivery

Hello. New user and owner. My K1 Max supposedly (New and Latest version) was delivered yesterday after much anticipation. When I got to the step of removing the bed hold down screws, they were missing. They were installed because it left marks on the platform and the base below the brackets were threaded and slightly deformed as any screw does to plastic. I also opened up the electronics compartment to see if the screws may have fallen down into it. In doing so I notice that the electronics bay fan plug had no glue on it yet the main board socket did have glue in the socket. Has anyone had a similar experience with a Creality machine? So far Creality has yet to offer an explanation as to how the screws were removed on a “New and latest version”. I wonder if I received a refurbished machine.

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Sorry your delivery was messed up. It does sound like a return or maybe refurbished.

What vendor did you buy it from…?

3DPrintersOnline. They are helping in my support with Creality after sales. So far Creality has only offered to send the 3 missing screws. No explanation of their failure. I’d be comfortable with a 1 year extended warranty to keep the machine provided no other issues arise after power up…

Because of the two week New Year Holiday in China there are limited sales service people available now. Just FYI so it might take longer… :unamused:

Are you sure Creality sent the “new” printer or was it something 3DPrinters Online did…?

The labels on the box indicate it did come from China to LAX. I believe the representative from 3DPO sends his orders straight to Creality and they ship from their warehouse. 3DPO was the 1st contact, they immediately notified Creality OfficiaI after a few messages 3DPO was taken out of the cc loop. But now a days, what can one believe to be true? I am aware of the Holiday. I think they also call it Spring Festival. If you observe; Happy Holiday to you.

This does sound like the reseller (3DPO) has shipped out a returned/refurbished unit possibly by accident.

Personally I would consider getting a replacement shipped to you by the reseller as if they have shipped you an incorrect/faulty unit is is usually the responsibility of the reseller to replace the unit with a fully working one. This will also likely be quicker than awaiting for the Chinese New Year holidays to pass.