K1 Max Off center / printing off of Print bed

Good Afternoon,
I need help. My prints seem to not be printing where its supposed to be printed on the print bed.
For models that start and end on both ends of the x axis it will start too far right on the left side and end off of the build plate.
It seems to be off by 1.5 cm in the positive x axis. One thing i noticed that may or may not be relevant is during calibration the printhead will hit the left side a little hard?
I have used different slicers, good settings, correct build volume but they have the same result. Please Please Help!

Quite a while back I had a similar issue. I added a shim on the linear rail to stop it from moving too far. Worked ok for a while then went away after a firmware update

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This might not be your issue but I thought I’d throw it out here…

Using the gcode to print from a smaller printer will make the build move to the side of the plate. For example the K1 Max is 300x and the Ender can be 220x so if you use a slice on the larger K1Max from the Ender it will print off to the side (or the other way around)… Ask me how I know… :sweat_smile:

Mine does that also. Not really hard just a noisy bump…