K1 Max Parts. Where to find filament sensor..?

So… I’ve had this K1 Max since September now and so far have installed the updated extruder, nozzles, hot end and a new build plate. These parts can be found in the Creality store or other places online.

This machine is working great and no complaints… :+1:

Last week the filament sensor stopped working. The blue light inside is still on showing it’s plugged in but it doesn’t pause or do anything when the filament runs out…

It’s something that I can put up with for now but I’m wondering where to buy one… I guess I can write to cs@creality.com and try that…

Has anyone found a good source for parts for K1 / K1 Max or any Creality printer for that matter…??

As far as I am aware the filament sensor for the K1 series of printers is the same as the one used on the Ender-5 S1, Sermoon D3 and CR-200B.

If your sensor has become faulty and you are still in warranty then support will likely send you a new one.

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Thanks for that info…
Bought it back in Sept '23. I’ll look at the part numbers and check it out. It’s not a big deal. Kind of an inconvenience though… Just have to babysit it a little more… :upside_down_face:

You’re welcome @jimandyen

Not sure if you have taken the sensor apart but sometimes dust/debris can build up inside the unit and interfere with the mechanism. Might be worth popping the sensor box open or blowing through it with some air. Just be careful taking the sensor apart, there is usually a small spring that tries to make a run for it when opening :joy:

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That’s next on the list. I’ll try to sneak that in between honey-dos.

Yup…gotta watch those little escape artists… :fearful:

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Be very careful removing and replacing the sensor box. The construction of the sensor box and the 4mm push-fit connector are separate. Each is screwed on separately and alignment is fairly critical. If they are not in a dead straight line, then the filament will catch on the edge of the sensor box inlet every time you try to push new filament. Also be aware, that the small bracket that holds the push-fit 4mm tube connector has two screws, and the bottom one is a self-tapper into plastic (YEUCH!). Whenever you have that situation, hold the screw in place with a little force and slowly turn it anti-clockwise as if you were removing it. When it finds the original thread it cut then it will jump forward with a click. Then you can tighten as normal. That procedure will use the same cut thread every time. If you don’t do that, by the time you have put the screw back around the third time, it will have cut away enough of the plastic to not grip anymore.
A very poor piece of engineering there by creality on an otherwise excellent printer.
By the way, good luck trying to get a replacement out of Creality. They sent me round in circles and eventually told me the sensor is probably dead, but couldn’t send my a new one without elevating it to the technical tea,. Nice one Creality, it’s not as if I paid 950UKP for this machine 3 months ago… oh wait, I did.

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Hey @Ritchey_Cretien

Welcome to the Official Creality Forum Creality

Thanks for the heads up on that sensor box… :+1:

Yeah that is a questionable design and it sounds like a pain :disappointed_relieved: to replace.
I’ll probably end up leaving it as is. Just have to babysit it more…
Maybe find a compatible one online that fits :question:

I got mine back in Sept…

I also will probably do what @Nikoli suggested and carefully open it up and clean it…

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