K1 Max Quality Control (or the lack therof)

Hey everyone!

I am kind of upset with Creality and needed to share my story with K1 Max.

Let me tell your first how excited I was to get my hands on it after having issues with Ender 6 and Sonic Pad to finally get a quality item. Especially for $900!
I did a lot of research and read and watched tons of reviews and had my mind set on the K1 Max! Especially, when I watched updated review on you tube after 6 months of owning K1 Max the reviewer even purchased 3 more after the first one and had no problems. Now that was awesome to me!

Well, the first K1 Max I purchased through Amazon from Comgrow and once it arrived I was very eager to start printing! I did, but the Camera system was non functional out of the box, so now can’t use AI, or lidar timelapses :frowning:

It did print benchy very quickly and with a decent quality, I can’t argue that.
So I reached out to comgrow and the response was: “We will send you the camera and wiring and you can replace it.” Sorry what? I expected a $900 printer ( or any price printer) be in working condition out of the box. I thought that was a fair expectation.
The long story short, I ended up returning it, but purchased one more K1 Max but directly from Creality store, thinking, just a bad luck and the next one will be all good. Plus they had it on sale for $759 US. Not bad.

Well, just got it, and started it up and again: a brand new printer has an error 2522, Level Sensor Data Transmission Anomaly.

Oh, mama mia! my luck.
After firmware updates and factory reset the issue persisted, so I reached out to Creality.
Again, first responce: “remove several components, check the connection, reseat the cables”, then “We will send you replacement parts so you can fix it”.

I feel very upset and lost faith in creality, although, I wanted this to work SOOOO much, but now I am working with their support team to get my money back and get this “Flagship Printer” back to the manufacturer.

Leaves a very bad taste.

So, good luck to everyone!
You WILL need it.



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So sorry you are having this bad luck… :cry: Let us know how it turns out.