K1 Max screen goes black when I plug a network cable

… and when I un-plug the network cable the screen says the machine is re-booting.
Does somebody successfuly use the K1 Max on Ethernet?
I setup the printer yesterday and it performed a firmware update so I guess it has the latest.

Welcome to the Creality Forum @Marc ,

I haven’t actually connected mine to Ethernet yet.

You got me curious so I plugged it into a TP Link extender and it connected to the network ok.

What’s the other end of the cable plugged into and check different cables to see if one is shorted or something…??

It’s in an office. We will verify the wall connection, we just have to find a laptop with an Ethernet port…

@Marc ,

Did you ever figure out what was wrong with the ethernet port on the K1 Max…? :face_with_monocle:

It looks like the K1 Max uses a a protocol which changes its MAC address. Never heard of that before. It seems that something on my network doesn’t like this behavior.

AFAIK the wifi interface on the K1 series has a static MAC but the ethernet port does not.

Mac address randomization is nothing new and is often used to prevent attackers or hackers from being able to easily hijack networked devices. You may find that the cable you are using for network connectivity has POE and its causing interference with the printer. If you can try a cable that is non POE to rule this issue out.

Good luck and hope you find a solution :slight_smile:

Hi Nikoli,
Thank you for taking the time to write this but the latest firmware, published November 20th, has resolved the issue.

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Hi @Marc, you are very welcome.

I am glad to hear that the latest firmware update has resolved the issues for you. Happy printing! :slight_smile: