K1 Max Stops extruding CR-Wood

Hi, I am brand new to 3DPrinting and have got myself a KI Max.
I am trying to print with the CR-Wood filament, and it stops extruding the filament but continues to air print without creating an error.

I am using the original Nozzle, Print temp is 205, bed at 65.

Should I be using a different Nozzle or am I not doing something correctly?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, and by the way, not Tech savvy either…

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Make sure the wood filament is dry.

If you are hearing a clicking noise when it stops printing then the nozzle is clogged by the small particles in the wood filament. There won’t be any errors displayed…

I’ve seen recommendations to use a larger nozzle like 0.6 but others seem to use the 0.4 without any issues…

One of many videos about wood filament…

There is a learning curve when it comes to Wood filament, and each brand prints differently. I have had great results after a few key changes to my settings. 205 is way to hot for this filament. 195 is where I’ve had most success. Some say as low as 190 even. Printing with 0.6mm nozzle and I got extruder jams relentlessly. 0.4mm nozzle at .2mm layer hasn’t failed me yet. The main issue I had at first was filament deforming in the extruder between the gears and not being able to push or pull out of housing. I thought it was due to retraction settings, but it was heat creeping up the filament and printing to fast. Remember Max Flow is 10mm cubed…so layer height x layer width x speed < or = to Max Volume Flow of material. Hope that helps. It may be frustrating at first, but it is great material to make specific prints over the top.

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