K1 Max supports impossible removal

Hi, I’m having continual problems with supports. I have turned off “roof” and the overhang angle is as default, but they are impossible to remove cleanly.
Any advice??? I wish Creality would sort this as it was never an issue with Cura, otherwise it is simply an awesome printer.
Thanks, in advance.

I turn my support density down to 10-15%. Support top distance of 0.2mm should give a little gap between the model and the support. Finally I uncheck enable support interface. Supports almost fall off. You might have to toggle Advanced to get to a couple of those settings. This is settings for normal not for tree. Basing this on my use of a V3 KE not a K1 but it should be same.

Thanks, I’ll give those a go on my next print and feed back
Just finished an 8 hour print on the K1, 30 hours on my CR10 Max, so can’t complain too much, but the underside is not pretty due to the super stuck supports!!