K1 Max - Tree supports not sticking to bed, got a bunch of spaghetti-- HELP!

Hello, I was printing an upside down basket, with medium autogenerated tree supports. It was a 21 hour long print. The part itself is printing fine, but the tree supports are all messed up. First they are not sticking to the bed even after applying lots of glue, and then they are stringing, maybe because the base of the supports is moving when the extruder moves over them . Please help with any suggestions. Thanks !

This is the bottom view

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One possible reason for the filament not sticking is the nozzle is too far from the build plate. No matter how much glue you put it won’t stick…Ideally you shouldn’t need any glue.

What are your temps settings…?

Calibrate the printer first and print out a test layer of a square or something and adjust it until the first layer looks good…

Thank you for the reply.
How do I adjust it? The printer has automatic calibration.

230 nozzle
45 Bed temp
chamber 0

Check online and in this forum for posts about Z offset. It’s been covered many times here.

To get you started first go into the printer screen menu.

System / Expert mode and make small changes. When the number shows a minus sign it means the nozzle has moved closer…

Ok, so that step is to be done after the calibration ?
If I move it down ,lets say 0.025 mm , it means we are trying to squish the molten material down on the bed, so it adheres better?
Or, am I mistaken?

Yes after you calibrate the printer…

I would also turn the bed temp up more to 50°C or a little higher because that reading might not accurately reflect the actual bed temp…

On mine I set it at 60°C and the plate ranges anywhere from 54 to 58

Thanks, will try that.