K1 Max under and over extrusion at the same time

Any ideas why my K1 Max would under extrude at the front and over extrude at the back?
I just got it as a replacement printer (most likely refurbished) as the 1st one had a defect with the Y axis wobbling.
The bed level is within a tolerance of 0.3mm
I did all the calibrations,temperature,flow,PA,etc.
I checked all the screws and tightened the ones that were loose.
The floor of the printer has 2 holes in it and it wobbles loudly when the Z axis homing is vibrating the bed,but i didn’t notice any vibrations during the printing.
Filament is not wet (HyperPLA),it’s newly opened and i keep it in the drybox.
The printer has the unicorn nozzle like the Ender V3.

The bed level is within 0,8246 (0,5737–0,2509) but that is still okay
Looks like you have to clean your plate( I think you already did that)
maybe there is some friction at the tube chain.
clean the X rail there must be no grease on it.
Maybe a belt is shaving along a pulley too

Those bed values are the max one displayed not the actual ones.
Bed has been cleaned with isoprop.
All rods came full of grease X Y Z.
Will check the belts for some unusual friction.

don’t grease the rods, clean them, get the grease off, they are self lubricating.

i didn’t grease them. they came greased already…

Clean them with alcohol it is better for your printing proces, you get better prints if they are cleaned.