K1 max which hotend do I have

Hi all,

I’m maybe looking to change out the hotend on the K1 max for the microswiss one as, it seems to come as a recommended replacement on some of the K1 Max oriented youtube videos.

However I’m not sure which hotend I currently have, there was a spare supplied with the printer, but this doesn’t seem to entirely match what’s on the microswiss website.

I’ll include a picture…



That’s the spare upgraded hot end that Creality ships with the K1 Max printers. It has a better 0.4 nozzle (steel)

The Swiss nozzles and hot end are proprietary and do look different. The nozzles are not interchangeable with the stock K1 Max nozzle. You would have to buy only Swiss nozzles.

I installed that spare one on my K1 Max and haven’t had any issues with it…

Yep that’s the Creality hotend, what I was asking was which TYPE it was as the microswiss website seems to imply there are two types.


But the one I have doesn’t seem to really look like either.




That looks like the V1 “Old” hot end. To confirm that, if there’s a set screw on the back of the hotend heat sink you’ve got the old version. On looks alone though, the copper sleeve at the heat break is much larger than the one on the Unicorn that’s shipping on the Max and K1C now.