K1 Max will not bind to Creality Cloud

Is there a trick to getting it to bind? I see the bar code, I launch the scanner from the cloud adding the K1 Max as a new device, but it just reads and reads and never completes? I’m using an iPhone 15. It worked once when I first set things up, but I had to log off. Now I can’t redo?

Hi @donl1075 and welcome to the forums.

I have not encountered that issue before so I can only advise uninstalling and reinstalling the app to see if that cures the issue. Also make sure your printer is not being blocked from accessing the internet.

Hi Nikoli,

When you say try uninstalling the app, which app? Do you mean the Creality 3D app on my phone?


Yep the app on your phone. I have a feeling that the issues are server side with Creality rather than on your end at the moment.