K1 Max worst printer i have owned

Bought a K1 Max. The first one the was so inaccurate. It was off by 3mm per 300mm. Parts I printed would not snap together. After 2 months of Creality Customer service messing with me. They finally replaced it. The 2nd printer they sent me has a bent bed that is also unlevel. I found this out when smaller parts I printed in the bent area of the bed came off, stuck to the hotend that then picked up other pieces off the bed. This created a huge ball of melted filament around the hotend that damaged it while removing it. I have spent the last 2 months talking with Cuntomer service and they have done nothing to fix this issue. I guess i will have to tear the machine apart and fix it myself. Yes i can fix it but tell me why I should have to fix a $930.00 machine because its a piece of junk. I will never buy a Creality product again.

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Hello @TabS :wave:

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So sorry you’ve had problems with those printers twice:cry:

If you do find a way to fix that it would be interesting to see how and what was wrong. I’m sure others here have had problems also and would be interested in how you are able to fix them…

I’m a Mechanical Engineer. I’ll tear it apart, flaten the bend in the bed, print some spacers or adjust the Z axis screws to re-level the bed. It just makes me angry that a $940.00 machine needs to be fixed like this because the company has no quality control and doesn’t stand behind its products


i have a k1 max i cant even use 2 months old ben back and forth with creality 20 messages worked great one week then i cant print anything then one started smokeing now i have no power so i have a $900 junk and they will not do anything

Welcome to Creality Customer service. They ghosted me until i sent them 100 emails saying exactly the same thing.