K1 Max - x-axis head sliding with difficulty

I’m experimenting difficult on head sliding along the x axis, i made a video if it could help.

I think the problem can be solved simply by cleaning the lower bearings of X rod, but I don’t know how to unmount it : is there any video guide , or tutorial ?

the upper bearing (always X rod) can be disassembled and cleaned very easily ( as saw in the video).

any suggestion will be appreciated, Thanks a lot

Not able to see the videos for some reason…

I know on my K1 Max it slides on the X with some friction.

Does that affect the printing…?

it’s affects resonance calibration. Obviously klipper compensate slow X reducing printing speed but this strains stepper and belts.
Basically i bought a top car with brakes on, it’s a pity.
My tought: now many pre-assembled Voron clones are being born, to keep who have chosen Creality happy and grow the community is necessary to get the opportunity to upgrade the printer, not hide problems.