K1 nozzle too close to build plate

My K1 has just started to have have the nozzle too close to the build plate so that there is no room for the filament to come out and is slipping on feed rollers. Have been using printer with no problems for 1 month. what should i set the Z offset to? please

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I would do the calibration again and see if that helps.

Also check your slicer settings (I’m using Creality Print here) to make sure the Z offset isn’t set wrong…

Sounds like something changed… Maybe different build plate or nozzle…?

The Z offset number to move away from the build plate would be a positive number such as 0.05mm. A number like -0.05mm would move it closer.

Great thanks as I was not sure weather to increase the - or make a+

  • should move it closer to the bed and + further away.