K1 PEI Build Plate Kit (Plate B)


I purchased the K1 PEI Build Plate Kit which gives me the PEI Plate B for the K1.

Works perfectly as expected. However I noticed that the back for the plate has a 3M adhesive sticker on it and was wondering if I am supposed to attach this plate to something.

Anyone got any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @UrsaTeddy and welcome to the forums.

The build plates are sometimes supplied with an adhesive pad for users to install on their printer if they dont already have a magnetic bed surface such as the Ender 3 series which uses the same size bed.

The K1 has a magnetic surface so the 3M magnetic pad is not required for the K1 and should be removed from the back of the build plate and put to one side. The build plate should be placed on the K1 build surface with no adhesive backing.


Thank you for the reply.

Does this mean that the plate itself is resting on another magnetic plate? I have been using it with the plate attached it would seem.

That is so funny/weird. No instructions in the kit, just the plate.

Thank you once again and after my current print finishes I will do as you have stated.


You’re welcome @UrsaTeddy

Yes if you remove the flexible build plate from the K1 you should see the printer has a grey coloured pad covering the entire build area so that the plates attach to the bed.

The build plates are often supplied with an extra grey adhesive pad but this is not required for the K1 and should be put to one side. You should find that if you remove the 3M pad from the flexible build plate and then place the build plate on its own into the printer it should the attracted to the surface :slight_smile:

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And that probably explains why my bed was not heating to the temperature I was setting. It was trying to heat up the extra magnetic sheet as well.

So much difference.


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Glad to hear your print bed is warming up better :slight_smile:

Happy printing! :slight_smile:

I wish some of the adverts for these flexible build plates made it clear whether or not they supply the magnetic sheet, I have 3 spares in my cupboard.