K1 Printer continues to print spaghetti after many different solutions

I’m at a complete loss at what to do. For over a month now, my K1 printer continues to print spaghetti, at it seems to happen at random times too. Sometimes it’ll go through almost the entire print fine, and in the last hour it’ll complete break. Other times it’ll start printing spaghetti almost immediately. Sometimes, with large prints, it’ll print just fine. Other times it only works with one small print directly in the middle of the bed. Oftentimes, it’ll also just completely rip the print of the bed and keep printing. I have tried using glue, cleaning with rubbing alcohol, increasing bed temperature, changing nozzle temperature, decreasing speed, nothing works. My current settings are 100% speed, 75 C bed, 220 C nozzle temp, PLA filament. Previously, I was able to print perfectly, even with extremely complicated things. (I managed to print several figurines almost flawlessly.) Is there any solution that I have not come up with? What should I do if there really is no solution.

Edit: This happens much more often with red filament.

Hi @kopitiam and welcome to the forums.

I would recommend lowering your bed temperature. 75 C is a little too hot for PLA and will prevent the model from cooling sufficiently. Try reducing down to around 50-55 C and see if you get any improvement. I would also recommend re-running the Self-Check procedure to be sure the printer is fully dialled in to.

A couple things to try. First of all if you were able to print ok and now it’s not working try to figure out what changed.
I alway print (Creality Print) with this box checked so the printer can make minor changes for the level of the bed as it prints.

Send a picture if you can of what filament is looking like on the bed when this happens…
Maybe a z adjustment…??

Hello, thanks for all the responses. After further testing, I have found that it is only the red filament that prints spaghetti. It seems that the red filament is just defective and does not want to stay together. I will keep the hotbed warning in mind though. Thank you!

Glad to hear you singled out the red filament as the trouble maker.
Are you able to dry it out in a dehumidifier or anything or is it just totally useless…
It’s PLA right…?

I grabbed a roll of what I thought was PLA red filament one morning without realizing it was PETG and it just wouldn’t print right… Then I looked at the label…PETG. Duh… Lesson learned… :upside_down_face:

How’s your K1 doing @kopitiam …?