K1 same layer print

Hi, Can anyone help me with this matter?
I’ve been trying to use the technique to print on the same layer to produce luminous signs, but the K1 has in its firmware the routine to level the bed every time it starts a new print, my prints have been failing.
Does anyone know how could solve this problem?

Let’s try to tackle this one piece at a time:

In the menu on the printer you can turn off the AI checking. Also when you start a print you can turn off this bed leveling. Uncheck the box in the print screen on the printer otherwise it will go through the leveling process.

Is that what you are asking about…??

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Thanks for your response, but I believe we’re not talking about the same thing.
What I mean is, every time i order a print, before the printer actually starts to print, it executes a routine with some checks, including the bed leveling. Since the plan is to print partially with a specific filament color and then make a print with a different color filling the gaps in the same layer. the leveling causes the printer to consider a differnt height and print fails.
Was i clear? Sorry, i not very good at this, but this video explains: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMV9tOZQ8fY&t=15s&pp=ygUTc2FtZSBsYXllciAzZCBwcmludA%3D%3D

Thanks for the help

If you start a print the printer needs to probe the bed when it begins to ensure it knows where it is and that it is level. It is not possible to bypass this check afaik as it would likely result in serious damage to the printer or failed prints.

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