K1 side fan and model fan not turning on

I just tried to print a camera mount for the K1 camera but when the head started printing in the center it just makes a glob of PLA. I noticed that the side nor the model fans were on, by turning the fans on while the head purges when it reaches the center and starts printing it works. This is the model: https://bit.ly/47CJFXQ

Can you print out other models with no problem…??

Are you using the gcode from that model or did you slice it yourself for you printer…?

I have been printing ‘stuff’ since the K1 arrived on 1/3/23, I printed a 2 hour job just before the camera mount without issues. I switched to a PEI sheet and tried, same results, I then ‘glued’ the surface of the PEI sheet and tried again, perfect.
I switched the PEI sheet to the original sheet and printed a 20X20 XYZ cube without issues. It seems the support first layer of the camera mount does not want to stick to an unglued sheet, it is many small 1 or 2mm circles. New rule, small support structures mean ‘glue’!