K1 stops extruding but only on LW PLA

I know a ton of people have issues with the K1 extruder. I can successfully print PLA, PETG, ABS just fine with my K1. If I put in pre-foamed LWPLA, it’ll run for a bit, then randomly stop extruding, early. Usually within the first 2-5 layers.

I’ve checked for clogs

Cleaned the extruder.

Updated the firmware.

Updated firmware to fluidd.

Tried creality slicer.

Tried orcaslicer.

Tried Cura.

It’s only LW PLA

this guy had to go to a previous version of Cura to fix it, but that version is no longer available when I looked.

Any help?

Hey @Kireol_Teveril

Welcome to the Official Creality forum Creality

This type of filament is new to me… Thanks for bringing it up…!
(I’m only familiar with the Creality Print slicer)

I was reading around and found this suggestion:

Have you tried different settings like this…?