K1 tips and or advice

Hi, I am new to 3d printing. I ordered the K1, and it is supposed to arrive Dec 24. The K1 will be my first 3d printer, and I wanted to ask for any tips or advice for a newbie.

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Hello @Marsall,

Congrats on getting a new K1 in a few days. :christmas_tree: :+1:

This forum has a wealth of information from the artists and hobbyists who share their experiences and other helpful tips. Feel free to ask questions or share pics.

I wouldn’t know where to start except to be sure and read the Instruction information… :grinning: and have fun.

Download the Creality Print slicer HERE and get familiar with it.

I’ve had a K1 and the K1 Max. Great machines…!

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Hello @Marsall

Just wondering how your K1 is running…? :slight_smile:

Overall very good. At first, I had trouble figuring out all the settings, but after research, I think I got the basics down. After many days of printing, I would say that the K1 is a good 3d printer.

That is good to hear.
Thanks for the update… :+1:
Any questions or advice feel free to post here.