K1C Access for 3rd Party Slicers

I was disappointed to learn from Creality Support today that the K1C printer does not currently allow 3rd party slicer apps (e.g. Simplify 3D) to connect via WiFi. The Ender 3 V3 works great with S3D, but it appears a decision was made during development to prevent Out of the Box use of anything but Creality Print.

After trying use of various ports after my printer’s’ IP address, and taking time to create custom print config files in S3D, I only could get “Connection Failed” and a cryptic message about “Creality doesn’t work properly without Javascript enabled.” Of course, I enabled JS use, but no joy.

One chat with support later, and the result was a dead end… just a generic excuse that developers would have to enable it but you can try to do something on your own to make it work… only we can’t tell you what because the Developers haven’t told Support how to address it.

I’m apparently not alone… as I see references to the same issue online, as well as hacks to the core code (that I suspect voids the warranty).

Seems like a good example of feature regression in a relatively new product, and no urgency placed on responding to the user community’s complaints.

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On my K1 I just open up its LAN address in a web browser, and hit the import button and select the STL for upload, then hit print from the printer’s local storage list, all in its web gui.

Agree it would be nice to be able to just push this from the slicer, but it’s really not that much extra hassle.

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